Simple engaging video marketing

Storyohs tell the story of your ideal customer and the problem you solve for them

Main Features



Simple & engaging - Storyohs are simple - the handmade look captures the imagination of the viewer, engaging them so they are more likely to hear your message.



Putting your customer in the centre of your Storyoh, reminding them of the problem that they have and linking them to your solution makes a real difference in your conversion rate.



It's easy to find online video marketing services charging several thousand dollars per video. Because Storyohs use a consistent story structure, and a common look and feel we can keep the production costs lower and pass the savings on to you. Storyohs cost $770 AUD (inclusive of GST in Australia).

Easy to manage


Your Storyoh is securely stored, and our dashboard makes it super easy for you to manage - whether you have one Storyoh, or a whole series of them.

Easy to share


Simple embed codes, one button publishing to YouTube, email video links - however you want to share your Storyoh we make it easy.

Solid support


If you have any questions or concerns about your Storyoh, you can call, use our online helpdesk, or email - we are standing by and are focussed on your satisfaction.

Storyohs we have made for others

  • Ed Meets ezyBoxOffice

    ezyBoxOffice helps Ed to sell tickets online for his community theatre group, taking care of payment gateways, ticket printing and reporting for him.

  • Crystal Meets YourNextVisit

    Crystal discovers how YourNextVisit can help her to manage clients, appointments and SMS reminders in a busy alternative therapies practice.

  • Brian Meets YourNextVisit

    Personal Trainer Brian learns that YourNextVisit can help him to avoid costly no shows with SMS Reminder messages.

  • Tess Meets YourNextVisit

    Managing a busy salon is much easier for Tess, once she finds YourNextVisit to help keep track of clients and appointments.

  • James Meets requireMentor

    Documenting and keeping track of requirements for software and application development is much easier for James, with requireMentor.

About myStoryoh

About Us

myStoryoh is a HineSight Development.

We were looking for a particulalr style of video to help market our other offerings, and having come up with a formula and style that we really liked, and that works, wanted others to be able to benefit from the same approach.


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Email us or in Australia call 1800 143 394

Terms & Conditions

Like you, we recognise that there is a need for the usual legal terms and conditions - and we have that covered.

Ours boils down to this - we always try to do the right thing and bahave like decent folk.

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